En Voyage

Attention to detail – it's our life. And we're paying even more attention during this year abroad. Let yourself be surprised and inspired. NILE en voyage – simple, beautiful, near and far.

Light & Shadow

Light and shadow – the play of light. Outside and inside. New patterns in light and dark. Inspiration for creative work. Whether on paper, on fabric or in a fantasy. A gift from the heavens – fascinating and always there when the sun is shining.

NILE – 3454 meters above the sea

On the Jungfraujoch. On the glacier. In the snow. Fantastic pictures – this time from the high alpine mountain world – are in the new NILE Magazine. Dive in, dream, browse. And enjoy the new collection.

Browse through the new NILE magazine here

Get inspired

Don't forget to write. Postcards are there to be written. Traveling around the world by post, given as a birthday present or landing on the kitchen table as a message of love. Good idea? Then pick a postcard from the NILE Store – and write a few lines. Perhaps to us?

NILE Store Lausanne Now Open

Discover the new collection – and enjoy the charming ambiance.

NILE Lausanne, 21, rue de Bourg, 1003 Lausanne

En Voyage

A fascinating world of colors with brilliant blues and pure white. Simple, yet multifaceted. Peaceful, yet full of life. Unpretentious, yet in love with detail. Just like the 2018 winter collection from NILE.

A mountain ascent

High above – that was the motto for this winter's NILE photo shoot. The Jungfrau railway took us high up into the stunning world of glaciers on the Jungfraujoch. They were long days – but they were also beautiful days.

Glaciers. Formed in the high mountains, where it is so cold that more snow falls than can melt over the year. Over time, the accumulated snow turns into firn. The firn turns into firn ice, which subsequently turns into glacier ice. The whole process takes several hundred years.

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